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What is the main difference between
Collaborative Robots
and existing industrial robots? 

The Collaborative Robot, unlike existing industrial robots, is installed with an independent safety feature.
The robot can detect external shock and suspend operation, preventing accidents before they can occur.
This safety feature allows the robot to work in collaboration with a human worker in the same space without the need for additional safety equipment.

The biggest advantages of the HCR-5 Collaborative Robot are ease of use, safety, and flexibility.
The robot is easily programmed and can be operated by anyone, with built-in safety features that deliver the highest level of operational safety.
The HCR-5 is lightweight and convenient to install, capable of being moved and repositioned as needed.
An overview of the robot's excellent features and detailed specifications are available from the Collaborative Robot's product information page.

What are the advantages of using an
hCR collaboration Robot
for your application? 

The HCR-5 Collaborative Robot includes the robot body, system controller, and teaching pendant.
ㆍRobot body: main operational component with six-axis articulation.
ㆍSystem controller: user programmable to control the robot's movement and operation; includes a wide range of input/output ports for connecting to external equipment and devices.                    
ㆍTeaching pendant: touchscreen pendant for programming the robot

What is the
HCR-5 Collaborative Robot
system composed of? 

The Collaborative Robot can be employed in conjunction with a variety of tools and systems in a wide range of processes.
Most manufacturing processes are excellent candidates, from simple tasks such as pick-and-place and packaging to complex processes such as painting and screwdriving.
Detailed information is available under the "Applications" section of our menu.

What processes are suitable for an
hcr collaboration Robot?

A Collaborate Robot is a robot that can share the same workspace with human operators.
The robot features a built-in safety feature that enables safe collaboration with a worker, ensuring safe operation with the need for additional safety features.
Lightweight and easy to operate, the robot can be repositioned easily for different applications.
These features make the Collaborative Robot the ideal solution for low-volume production of multiple product lines.

What is a
 collaborative Robot?
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