HCR has a wide variety of applications. These applications are prevalent in many industries in which HCR would be a valuable team member. Top industries include:


From mobile phones and auto parts to food packaging, plastics are a major part of our daily life and the industry continues to grow. Our collaborative robot HCR-5 boosts your productivity in loading and unloading of molds, assembly, bonding, and other tasks along the production line. Being easily re-deployable, HCR-5 is a highly efficient option in the plastics industry with fast product change-overs.

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The food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries produce small batches of diverse products with fast change-overs. Our collaborative robot can be applied to the packaging and loading jobs in these industries, giving you the agility to respond to the fast product cycle and maximizing productivity and efficiency.

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In an extensive range of lab tests that require high precision, our collaborative robot can assist you in obtaining reliable data. Let the robot do the dull, repetitive tasks and allow your researchers to focus on high value-added work to improve the efficiency in workforce management as well as lab tests.

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Our collaborative robot HCR-5 can be applied to the assembly of consumer electronics as well as the transfer and loading of electronics components and PCBs. Our high-precision robot assists your employees to boost productivity and production accuracy.

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Our collaborative robot HCR-5 replaces human operators exposed to dangerous environments in metal machining to secure employee safety and improve precision for better quality. Our collaborative robot can be applied to the transfer and loading of press and CNC machines to guarantee the safety of your workers.

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Our collaborative robot HCR-5 assists your employees in a range of tasks in the automobile-making process, including parts manufacturing, assembly, and inspection. As the automotive industry shifts toward a flexible manufacturing system, our robot can improve both productivity and the quality of your products.

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