HCR collaborative robots have been used to automate various production and manufacturing tasks.


By applying HCR-5 to the loading and unloading of molds, your operators can...

mold handling

By applying HCR-5 to the loading and unloading of molds, your operators can be freed from the dangerous job of putting their hands into the molding machine to load or unload components, promoting a better and safer work environment. HCR-5 replaces your workers for dangerous, dull, repetitive jobs; increases productivity; and improves the predictability of the rate of production.



Assembly is a common process across different industries that involves screwing and assembling components. Our collaborative robot HCR-5 supports a system that can be configured with diverse tools to suit different assembly processes. It also achieves high quality even in complex assemblies through precise positioning and uniform strength. The collaboration between your operator and HCR-5 improves productivity and quality on your assembly line.


quality inspection

Quality inspection is conducted to check product condition and sort out defects between processes and immediately before shipment. Our collaborative robot HCR-5 can be applied to various inspection processes that involve examining, measuring, and sorting out products, such as placing a product into an inspection area equipped with cameras or sensors and moving defects into dump boxes. Applying HCR-5 to quality inspection enhances the quality of your products by preventing the shipment of defective goods and improves the work environment for operators by replacing them in dull, repetitive tasks.


Packaging is a process common across diverse industries. HCR-5 can do the job right beside the operator, making it an optimal robot for collaborative work. The robot can pack products of various dimensions in a fast and accurate manner to improve productivity and packaging quality. HCR-5 further increases the stability and efficiency of your packaging line.



Polishing is an important process that determines the finishing quality in metal machining and furniture production. Our collaborative robot HCR-5 carries out polishing in a uniform position and pressure, contributing to achieving an equal and high-quality finish. In addition, the robot's direct teaching functionality allows easy and fast polishing application to a variety of products. Apply HCR-5 to your polishing line and achieve high, uniform quality in your products.



Dispensing refers to the process of spraying or injecting adhesives, silicon, paints, and other types of substances onto designated areas. With our collaborative robot HCR-5, you can spray equal amounts onto the exact locations. Moreover, you can protect your employees from a hazardous environment exposed to toxic and harmful substances. Apply HCR-5 to your dispensing line to achieve high quality and create a safe work environment.



Palletizing refers to the task of stacking goods in a row onto designated pallets. Our collaborative robot HCR-5 can be applied to palletizing across a range of industries, like auto parts, food, timber, metal, and furniture. The high-precision robot HCR-5 can stably load products into the exact location to boost productivity and to free operators from repetitive strain.


Pick & Place

Our collaborative robot HCR-5 is best suited for pick & place, the most common task across all industries. The robot offers easy programming and flexible set-up, maximizing productivity in the small-batch production system. The six joints of HCR-5 can transfer and load products of diverse angles and positions. Employ our collaborative robot for dull, repetitive tasks to improve the operational efficiency of your production line.


machine tending

Machine tending is a dull and repetitive, yet dangerous task that involves the loading and unloading of processed articles in milling, pressing, and other machine processes. Our high-precision collaborative robot HCR-5 places articles in the machine's work holder in the most accurate direction and position. And there is no need for a safety fence, an essential requirement of conventional industrial robots. Apply HCR-5 to your machine tending process to guarantee employee safety while maintaining high productivity and quality.