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HCR-5 Online Training Course

Robot Installation & Interface

- Assembly settings
- User interface
- How to use RODI

2.1 Manual control mode 

- How to move the arm using the manual control mode
- How to use the control and manual coordinate input functions
- About robot planes and joint rotation

2.2 Robot settings

- TCP tool tip point setting

- Input / output settings
- Coordinate functions
- Global variables - Input / output operations

2.3 Safety settings

- Main safety functions
- Motion limit settings
- Redundant I / O settings
- How to set a virtual safety cage

                                   for a robot and a tool

3.1 Basics of programming

- Programming in the graphical user interface
- How to add commands
- How to manage the program structure
- Editing functions [copy, paste, skip]
- How to manage variables in the program

3.2 Movement programming

- 4 types of movements
- How to use the coordinate system in motion Programming
- How to use circular and linear movements

- How to use compound movements

3.3 Basic commands

- Subroutines
- Folders
- User messages

3.4 Advanced commands 

 - Vision system and command setup
- PATTERN motion and stacking patterns
- PATH command

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